The Fine

Please take a moment to read through the terms and conditions of you repair.

Terms And Conditions

Set out in this written policy are the terms and conditions for the repair and handling of any electronics owned by the customer and the aftercare for any service provided.

This agreement will commence from the start of service. We will make every effort to repair your device subject to part availability. If for any reason we cannot complete the repair we may suggest an outsource company to try and keep our high success rate.

The parts we use are from UK based suppliers and are of the highest quality with the lowest defect rate. If a genuine part is available then that component will be installed before any aftermarket option is considered, excluding some replacements where a price option is selected. Genuine may be a pulled part from a working device and will not be considered brand new.

For some repairs we may ask for your passcode in order to test your device prior and after the service to ensure the work carried out has been successful and no other symptoms have occurred. If you decline this request we shall still carry on with the repair. Any adjustment to the repair upon completion may be delayed due to current bookings. The time estimate given on consultation is a rough time frame and not an obligation set out in this policy. We aim to have the service carried out within the estimated time however this may not always be the case. We will do our best to keep you updated throughout the process.

Any board level repair may take considerably longer than the estimate due to being a complicated process. We shall notify you upon completion. If necessary, we will send another reminder after 3 days, and then again after 7 days. If you require extra time, or to set up a payment plan, you can contact Idrepairs. If the device hasn’t been collected after 6 months then it will be recycled or sold to try and recoup any costs incurred. If a payment plan has been agreed, we will hold your device until the last payment. Extra costs may be considered for storage.

Use of our repair service will void any warranty you have with your manufacturer. If you would like to avoid this then you will need to send your device directly to them. When we complete the repair we may use our company warranty stickers to remove the danger of tampering when claiming.

Our products and repairs are covered by a manufacturers warranty, this excludes accidental damage and water damage. We offer 12 months warranty for aftermarket installations, and lifetime warranty for genuine or refurbished installations. Our board repairs are covered by a 3 month warranty. We do not accept responsibility for any progressive damage caused by another party in an attempt to repair your device whilst carrying our warranty. Water damaged devices cannot be offered warranty in any circumstances. Even after cleaning and servicing, complications and symptoms may arise due to corrosion, and sometimes this can be irreversible.

We will always be in contact with the customer to monitor the health of the device in this instance and will do our best to assist in any way possible and will apply discounts should further work be needed. We cannot be liable for the phone should it be unusable after the repair and handed back in a working fashion.

Following any repair, water resistance cannot be guaranteed although we will always apply any waterproof seal needed. Our liability in any repair process will be dealt with supplying any services needed, payment of any outsource, or repayment of services rendered.

If in our misfortune we accidentally damage a working device beyond repair we shall replace with the same make and model device of the same grade.

Any data and information stored on your device shall remain your responsibility and so we ask that before any requested service you perform a back-up to ensure no loss or contamination.

This agreement set out by Idrepairs and acknowledged by the customer shall be governed by the laws of England and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of court.